Other Equipment

Every event is different, and for that reason, we tailor our services to your event

Mains Distribution Hire

We carry a large stock of purpose built panels, designed especially for event work and also a wide variety of fully “IP rated” distribution equipment for outside use.The power rates range from 16 amp single phase all the way up to 125 amp three phase ceeform, with any combination of outlets you required for your project. In addition to portable RCD units in either single or three phase configuration, we also supply 400 Amp and 630 Amp Powerlock units with lots of outlets and we can also supply specialist units up to 5000 amps for hire. All of our equipment comes complete with dated test certificates and instructions.

Black Out Drapes

We hold a stock of modular, blackout drapes, which are very versatile and regularly used for; creating borders around stage sets, for blacking out venues, acoustic dampening, neutralising existing décor, reducing down the size of the venue and product reveals.




Whether you are a venue, festival, touring production or a one-off special event when it comes to suspending sound, lighting or scenery it needs to be done in a safe and suitable manner.


Visual Systems

We Stock Black Magic Design equipment, Allowing us to provide high-end video production and live streaming for events. We Also Stock LED Wall and projection equipment

Other Equipment

Visual, Stage Systems And  Power Distribution